Student Story: Shelby Baranski

Upon starting college at Paradise Valley Community (PVCC), Shelby was uncertain what education path to pursue. Working has always been a predominant part of Shelby's life and, after earning her associate’s degree,the BGS program provided a unique curriculum that complimented Shelby's diverse interests and real-world experience. She was attracted to the program's multidisciplinary approach, as it incorporates many of the critical skills and well-rounded knowledge base needed to be successful in today’s global and quickly changing economy.

Shelby describes her experience at North Valley“as an incredible journey. During my two years at North Valley,the support of the staff and faculty allowed me get the most out of my education and still work two jobs.  I had all the resources I needed to be successful—from internships to student engagement programs. Although UA's main campus is far away, North Valley embodies the Wildcat Culture, and the students feel a part of the University fully.”

Shelby graduated with her bachelor’s degree in December 2019. Shelby is working full-time at a financial firm as their director of marketing. She plans to continue to grow in the company in hopes of becoming a financial advisor.Shelby exemplifies that a BGS degree can allow you to find your passion and go anywhere hard work can take you.