Student Story: Kevin Connolly

Kevin was unsure of his next step after earning his associate’s degree.Instead of taking a classes without getting anywhere, he chose to pursue the BGS degree allowing him to explore different kinds of courses and disciplines while still moving forward with his goals.The North Valley location allowed Kevin to go earn his degree while staying at home and keeping the costs associated with education down. And the class sizes were small, providing Kevin more one on one time with the professor in order to get the help that he needed when he needed it.

"My UA experience was a challenging one with great reward. Just because we were at a different site did not make it any less demanding. Luckily the advisors and professors are there to help you and ensure you get the same UA experience.The BGS degree at North Valley taught me more about my life and what I wanted to do."

Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in 2018and is currently working at Nationwide Financial. He likes to point out that he did not take any classes on finances but his coursework taught him to think critically and outside of the box to solve problems at hand. This goal of the program allowed him to feel prepared in his new position.